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PPI PAYDAY – millions could get new PPI tax payouts as new law ruling came out in April 2016 – could you get one?

More than £38bn was paid out to customers for successful PPI claims and over 64 million payment protection policies were mis-sold but was you aware the amount you would have received would it have been after tax?

Anyone who would have been paid out for PPI refund would have been wrongfully deducted 20% tax before the money was paid to you and this money was automatically sent to HMRC from the bank.

The great news is that we have already claimed back £11.2m for our customers for this new tax claim and our customers receive money back within 6 weeks!

Reclaim My PPI Tax can check how much you could be owed in as little as 90 seconds thanks to their quick and easy online claim calculator, find out how much you could be owed now!

You just need to meet the below criteria and you will be eligible for a claim:

You have received money back for a PPI claim within the last 4 years

You were earning less than £50,000 per year at the time you received this refund

Why you need to act now to avoid missing out?

With HMRC you can only claim tax rebate for up to 4 tax years ago so anyone who was paid for a successful PPI claim between 6th April 2016 – 5th April 2017 have only got until April 2021 for us to submit their claim.

With 93% of our cases being successful, don’t miss out on receiving more money back!

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